Bumper Skills Assessment Pack

Bumper Skills Assessment Pack

Pupil and parent friendly assessment cards, detailing the core essential skills for all year groups 1-6. Use as photocopy masters and learning ladders or simply share with parents to support home-school learning.

Every key objective in Reading, Writing, Maths, Science presented in manageable, pupil friendly chunks. 

Additional story maps and planners for encouraging early story telling  and more advanced writing skillsfeatures for older pupils. Smart, simple, fun and effective!


    2 sets of each set Years 1-6. High-quality, velvet finish cards.

    Total cards = 34

    Approx. 21cm by 21cm each (perfect for A4 copying).

    • 6 x Science Assessment Cards with RAGB pupil assessment ladders
    • 6 x Writing Assessment Cards, including WTS, EXS and GDS descriptors
    • 6 x Maths Assessment Cards, including WTS, EXS and GDS examples
    • 6 x Reading Assessment Cards, including WTS, EXS and GDS descriptors
    • 6 x Pupil Story Planners
    • 4 x Walk'n'Talk story friends (Big Bad Wolf & 3 Little Pigs)

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