Mappix for Multi-Academy Trusts

Every school's data on one portal


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Forget running around with a memory stick, collecting spreadsheets or tracking documents, which your poor senior leaders will spend their holidays collating... Mappix does the hard work, so that your team can enjoy a well-earned break! 


Focussing on progress as it happens (we're all about formative), our beautiful system organises the curriculum into manageable chunks.  With a few taps on the smart marksheet, teachers grade lessons and an evidence base develops for every child within your care. Clever algorithms make justified predictions, providing insight whenever you need it.


No delays. No gaps. No nasty surprises.

We're about to launch a uniquely simple MAT Portal that makes it easier than ever to "answer the big questions about pupil progress" (see our customer reviews). While we make some tweaks, we're offering MAT customers an extended period to explore all the features of Mappix, free of charge!

We know you're special

Running a school is a challenge; running a MAT is a feat of perseverance and vision.


At Beam, we understand that the challenges faced by Executive Heads are many, varied and unique. In addition to managing the operations, finances and the day-to-day running of additional school settings, they are shaping the experiences of hundreds of pupils, across multiple sites - each with its own heritage and place in the community.

We'd like to help...

Benefits for MAT customers

We provide teaching and assessment software and resources that liberate educators from the burden of extra paperwork, giving them more time and energy to make learn fun and effective. Guided by the needs and suggestions of our customers, we are constantly innovating, according to our three principles: 

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New schools, new teams, new cohorts… trusts experience plenty of change. We won’t add to it! Our software fits in with multiple curriculum schemes (e.g. Abacus Maths, Read Write Inc, Jolly Phonics), so no matter what your schools are already using, Mappix is the one constant. One simple framework that provides structure without the need to invest in tons of new text books and resources.

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Structured shouldn’t mean boring. Bought schemes can often be prescriptive, with a strict order of teaching and half-termly pupil tests. Some schemes certainly support good teaching, but we believe that great teaching needs room for creativity. Our uncluttered approach to formative assessment includes clear descriptors of pupil success and allows schools to decide how best to deliver lessons that resonate with the pupils in their care.

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It can be tricky enough monitoring consistency within a school, but across multiple schools is a real challenge. One we believe we’ve overcome! As well as level descriptors for every objective and pupil-friendly cards of core skills (KPIs), we have the only truly intuitive Writing Moderation tool of its kind. Try it here.

A consistent approach that answers the following questions…

  • Are my teachers up-to-date with their marking?

  • Do my teachers know which skills are KPIs?

  • Which groups of pupils are on track (Pupil Premium, SEND, etc)?

  • Who’s falling behind, and which skills are lacking?

  • How competent is this pupil in their independent writing?

  • What evidence is this assessment based on?




First Term Free!

Choose Mappix as your dedicated formative assessment platform and we'll provide the first term free of charge

We know change is scary... and change across multiple settings can feel overwhelming!  Let us show you the joy of simplicity: easy to set up, easy to embed, easy to view the progress across multiple schools.