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Our software is designed by a teacher; somebody who really understands the demands of the job and who has thought about what teachers need. Imagine that!  The result is a beautiful platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, making light work of the statutory stuff.  

We value your time and expertise, which is why we have made it our mission to reduce teacher workload and ensure you have the energy to do what you do best... teach!


Formative on-the-go assessment for an up-to-date picture of pupil progress. No nasty deadlines and no boring training sessions.  It's so simple to use, we can even have you set up and online within 30 mins! Especially useful if you are part of a MAT (more on that here).


Favourite features

3-Click Navigation

Whether you are recording marks, adding evidence (photos, docs, videos), or viewing progress, we'll get you there in three clicks.

Simple, logical and fast!


 On tablet, laptop, even smart phone, there's no quicker system for assessing learning as it happens.

Instant Insight

Marking is recorded and updated instantly, so that teachers and leaders can spot gaps in learning straight away.

You won't have to wait for end-of-term levels; clever algorithms generate accurate (and qualified) predictions so that you can be confident in your data analysis.


We believe that information is only powerful if it is accessible, so all our graphs and charts are simple, logical and meaningful.

Writing Moderation

Our unique Writing Assessment portal is the perfect place for storing snapshots of pupils' literacy work and making super fast judgments against the Interim Assessment Frameworks.


A beautiful space for assessing writing and the easiest way to moderate within or across schools.

Use formatively or summatively for baseline or termly assessments. Mappix is built to fit in with your school's practice.

Everything In One Place

We track changes within the education system, so you can focus the important bit - teaching! 


Our KPIs, Interim Assessment frameworks, predicted scores and Greater Depth examples are always tip top, so you don't need to go elsewhere for the latest guidance. We've got you covered.


So much useful stuff in one place... and we've managed to keep it uncluttered. Clever us! 

Resources Galore!

Schools that subscribe to our software platform enjoy a staff-wide licence for all of our resources.

Interim Assessment Writing Frameworks;  

Pupil self-assessment ladders;  Spelling Planners;  Science KPIs; Assessment Cards and heaps more...


What our schools say

Mappix in action

Real teachers outline the benefits of using Mappix to record the progress of pupils in their classrooms.

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