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Reliable data

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Meaningful marking

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Our  Values


We aim to give schools confidence in our products, our people and themselves.  Our platforms are designed to give teachers and school leaders peace of mind; secure in the knowledge that we've got assessment covered.


We are part of the teaching family - our founder is a teacher - and we know that strong teams work together.  We aim to support a culture of  communication and collaboration, inspiring meaningful feedback for schools, and for us because our users shape the future of our products.


Teaching is a vocation - it invites people with passion, energy and creativity.  We aim to keep great teachers in post  - and energised - by simplifying essential tasks and bringing joy back to the job.


Formative assessment with summative power


It only takes us 30 minutes to set up Mappix and the simple, logical layout means teachers, class shares and cover teachers can jump straight in - no training needed and no pupil data lost!


Price  Calculator

Mappix starts from £5 per pupil per year. This includes set up, support (online and over the phone) and access to new features as we deliver them.

No training is needed and there are no hidden costs!


About Beam Education

With years of experience in the classroom and in senior leadership, our founder, Charity Wilson, set up our company with one vision in mind:

To create systems that enable teachers to do what they love and love what they do.

Our mission is to simplify the things that normally cost teachers too much time and energy. To find out how Mappix, our flagship software platform, could benefit your school, book your demo today.